Healthy eating

Perilous pesticides

Whenever possible, I prefer to eat my food without pesticides. This is because they are chemicals that damage human health, and the health of the environment. We do not know all the long-term effects of pesticides on our bodies, so while we are waiting to find out, I think it’s better to avoid them.

Pesticides & health:

  • Pesticides are carcinogens: linked to breast cancer, non-hodgkins lymphoma, and leukemia
  • Pesticides are neurotoxins: linked to Parkinson’s disease, & memory problems
  • Pesticides can damage your liver
  • Pesticides affect fetal development in the womb, stillbirth & low birth weight
  • Pesticides are endocrine (hormone) disruptors, which may contribute to obesity & diabetes

Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely avoid pesticide chemicals. They are sprayed in our parks and public spaces, they get into our drinking water, and they are on the food we eat. Even schools use pesticides. Yet, no one knows what level of exposure is safe.

What can you do?

Buy organic food, or increase the amount of organic food you buy. Use a shopper’s guide to pesticides from Environmental Working Group.

Do not spray your yard with pesticides. Find some other options for your home and garden at the Center for Alternatives to Pesticides.

Your Care Plan

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