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High calorie malnutrition

It is possible to over-fuel your body and at the same time be malnourished. Many of the processed foods and simple carbohydrates in our Western diet do not provide us with enough essential nutrients. They provide empty (void of nutrients) calories. We often consume many more empty calories than we need and our bodies and health are suffering as a result.

From the moment of conception nutrition affects future disease risk. If a baby is undernourished during its growth in the mother’s womb, it may become more vulnerable to chronic diseases in its adult life. See the Barker Theory for more information.

This makes it all the more necessary for us to eat a diet that avoids simple carbohydrates such as added sugars and white flour, to stay healthy during the rest of our lives. If you are planning a family, it is really important for the lifetime health of your baby, to follow a diet filled with a variety of fresh foods, and to avoid added sugars and high-calorie, low nutritional value foods. Pregnant women are educated about low-fat diets, but they may not always be informed of the dangers of added sugar, which is often included in low-fat products.

Carbohydrates are essential for energy and for health. There are healthy complex carbohydrates like whole grains, vegetables and fruits; they are the kind to eat. And there are simple carbohydrates, which are the ones to avoid, like added sugars. Here is a good website from the Harvard School of Public Health, for finding out more about carbohydrates.

Remember, it is not only about total calories in and calories out, it is about the kinds of foods, and the nutritional value of the foods that you eat.

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