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What is wine?

Wine is a delicious beverage, and some people claim that the occasional glass or two of red is good for your health. But what is in a glass of wine besides grapes? I can’t help but wonder, what do the manufacturers put into it before they sell us the finished product. The only additives list I could find on Google is here. It does not sound too appetizing. Is the winemaking industry to be trusted to provide safe ingredients, or are they similar to the tobacco industry, who happily fill their toxic tobacco brew with all sorts of nasty chemicals?

Tasty wine requires that grapes are picked at a certain level of ripeness. This means it is likely (unless organic grapes are used) that the grapes will have been covered with pesticides. Do any pesticides remain in the finished product? When the grapes are harvested,  what insects and other non-essential things get inadvertently included in the mix?

There is lots of competition among winemakers, and plenty of profit to be made for those who can sell their products to customers. The drive to make profit does not often consider the health consequences of products or additives used to make them sell. What chemicals are added to improve flavor, clarity, or aroma, or other qualities? I cannot find the answer, but I would like to know.


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