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Another reason to eat organic

Pesticides and chemicals used to grow crops in conventional farms damage the health of farmworkers and harm their children.

Millions of pounds of chemicals called organophosphates are used every year to grow crops. Chronic, low level exposure may affect neurodevelopment.  Other types of chemicals are used for example: carbamates, another neurotoxin, and pyrethroids, some of which are also neurotoxin. Chemicals in pesticides can cause allergies, may disrupt hormone function, or cause cancers.

Children are more vulnerable than adults to the harmful effects of pesticides, and measurable amounts of pesticides have been found in children in urban and agricultural areas. So far, studies of farmworkers’ children shows that exposure to pesticides affects the mental development of children.

Isn’t it worth the extra cost to buy organic for the sake of the health of children? We have some power as consumers to choose to buy organic, not just for our own health, and for our children’s health, but for the health of the people who grow our food.

Read more about farming and health at Environmental Working Group.

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