Healthy people

Everyone should have the right to medical care. Unfortunately, there are still millions of us who do not have health insurance to cover the cost of a physical check-up. In 2010, 19.5 percent of the population under age 65 lacked insurance coverage.  If you are able to go to a doctor or nurse practitioner, ask about your weight.

It is important to know if you are at a healthy weight. About 30% percent of persons aged 20 years and over are at a healthy weight, that leaves 70% at an unhealthy weight. But less than half of doctors routinely measure their patients’ Body Mass Index (BMI) – next time you go for a check up, ask for yours to be measured and ask about your result. Check your BMI now at:


If you are obese BMI>30 or overweight BMI>25 you should get counseling or education related to weight reduction, nutrition, or physical activity when you go to the doctor.

Does your workplace offer wellness programs or counseling about nutrition? If it does, take advantage of it.

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