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Almond Crust Pizza

Almond crust pizza for 2 people Ingredients 3/4 cup of almond meal 1 large egg Salt and black pepper Optional herbs such as teaspoon chopped fresh rosemary, sage or oregano A tablespoon of olive oil For the topping 1 onion chopped 2-4 cloves of garlic crushed 1 tablespoon tomato puree 2 tomatoes chopped Salt and… Continue reading Almond Crust Pizza

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Maeve’s Healthy Fish and Chips

Yum, this is really easy and tasty. You can use sweet potato instead of parsnip, and roast other veggies to go along with it if you like. I used Pacific wild halibut last time I made this - scrumptious! 8oz of white fish per person (remember to check Monterey Bay Guide before you buy) 1… Continue reading Maeve’s Healthy Fish and Chips

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Type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes occurs when the pancreas cannot secrete enough insulin, usually under conditions of chronic overconsumption of fuel, inactivity, overweight, and insulin resistance. Some people are more susceptible to developing diabetes than others. If your body sends excess fuel to develop fat in the abdomen around organs like the heart, pancreas, and in and… Continue reading Type 2 diabetes

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Web links that I like

videos Make it a priority to watch Dr. Lustig's presentation Sugar: The Bitter Truth. It will change the way you think about sugar. Sugar: The Bitter Truth. Robert H. Lustig, MD, UCSF Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology, explores the damage caused by sugary foods. health information The Diabetes Association The Obesity Society… Continue reading Web links that I like