Your Care Plan

You will find a collection of my favorite recipes, all of which are “no-added sugar.” Since I stopped buying or cooking with sugar I have tried to collect some of the best ideas for recipes that I have found. I hope you enjoy browsing through and trying them out. Sometimes I am compelled to share information about health and/or nutrition. I try to include evidence-based or research-based information. As much as I strive for accuracy, I think much dietary advice could do well with being taken with a proverbial pinch of salt.

Here are some simple habits to promote well-being:

  1. As much as you can, avoid added sugar in your diet. One good way to do this is to completely avoid drinking sodas, or juices. Drink water, or some plain milk, or tea and coffee without added sugar. Eat the whole fruit instead of drinking the juice.
  2. Get lots of fiber by eating whole grains, brown rice, brown bread, etc. Most of the time, eat lots and lots of vegetables.
  3. If you want second helpings, wait 20 minutes and then you will find that often you change your mind.
  4. If you want a snack, eat a handful of walnuts or almonds.
  5. Walk for 30 minutes or more every day.

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Thank you for visiting and enjoy your path to healthy eating!