Your Care Plan

 Welcome to Your Care Plan a place for good food and healthy recipes and most of all just about cooking. Cooking is a journey. This means that like all good pastimes there is always another place to go. Take the first steps, make simple dishes, build confidence, and then you will make new discoveries of flavors and recipes for the rest of your life. My journey with food has taken me to a plant-based diet. As I find and test plant-based recipes I will share them with you.

As much as you can, avoid added sugar in your diet. One good way to do this is to completely avoid drinking sodas, or juices. Drink water, add a slice of fruit or a piece of fresh mint to your water for some taste, or try some non-dairy milk, or tea and coffee without added sugar. Eat the whole fruit instead of drinking the juice.

Get lots of fiber by eating whole grains, brown rice, brown bread, etc. Good news is that if you follow a whole food plant-based diet it’s likely that you will be getting plenty of fiber from fruit, vegetables, legumes as well as whole grains, nuts and seeds.

If you want second helpings, wait 20 minutes and then you will find that often you change your mind.

If you want a snack, eat a handful of walnuts,  almonds or other nuts. Remember that nuts have lots of calories so it’s good to limit your intake to a handful per day.

Walk for 30 minutes or more every day and do muscle strengthening exercises at least twice each week.