Daikon and veggie broth

This is a delicious way to make pressure cooked daikon radish.

Peel the daikon, slightly trim the edge off one end to give it a slightly rounded edge appearance. Cut the daikon into about 2 inch slices. Put the daikon slices into the pressure cooker and add vegetable broth to about half way up the daikon slices. Pressure cook for about 5 minutes, then let pressure release naturally (as opposed to running under a faucet for quick release).

You can make a broth with shiitake mushrooms, garlic and ginger pressure cooked for about 30 minutes. Quick release. Add a sheet of kombu and let it steep for about 20 minutes. After making the broth, strain it. 

Serve the daikon with a small dollop of white miso (diluted with a touch of water) on top or a splash of tamari.